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A very good looking girl is called a Franca. Francas also have a really nice personality. Francas usually have a nice booty and nice boobs. But they also are very kind and lovely inside.
Woooaah look at these Francas. I wish i would be a Franca ,too!
by MrAnonym July 26, 2011
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a person with a princley swag, someone with the "swagger of a princess"
The queen of all queens; someone who knows whats what. Can also be someone who gets all the boys by just winking at them
Man, look at that franca. I wish i could be like her.
by PrinceOfSwaaaag June 19, 2011
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An Italian name. Female version of "Franco"
This is my friend Franca. She is from Italy.
by nomyrealname48329574802 October 26, 2010
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