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Combination of frape and fake, referring to when somebody pretends that somebody else raped their facebook profile (see frape), when in reality they did it themselves.
Did you see Karl's profile? Initially it looked like frape, but it sounded like the kind of thing Karl would say, so I'm going to call frake on that one.

I can't believe Karl fraked his profile, he must have been so bored
by lorcanov October 09, 2010
adj.- stuttered variation of fake

verb- to fornicate mythical and large groups of creatures
Nick- hey everyone dani just fraked all the kids of the short bus!
by enlimbo94 September 11, 2011
A fake friend

They pretend to be your friend for benefits and whatsoever.
Man, Allisa is becoming such a frake these days!
by BiancaCoolPeep October 06, 2009
Frozen Lake
Dude, yo mamma just drowned in a frake! better buy another!
by Sholto Cocksucker]\onham-Thomas February 26, 2004
a frozen lake, this term was derived from a history trip where a frozen lake was spotted. later that evening after the rum and german beer had taken affect the term frake was a pplied to the phenomenon and it stuck
"that lake is frozen, it must be a frake"
by sholto bonham thomas February 27, 2004

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