Vehicle for intoxication via the consumption of crushed apple segments combined with varying chemicals and bubbles. Available in can, large can, pint or bottle format.
"Suppin on a big fat spliff full of rocky -
A fragon in me hand, be's makin me feel grand."
by DAvid Cowpell Downtrodden September 12, 2004
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A hybrid species crossed between a Frog and a Dragon.

When the Fragon dies it is reborn as a flaming homosexual that must partake in seven straight days of partying. Once completed the fragon will once again evolve into its more powerful dragon-frog state.

An adult Fragon's tongue can cause severe omnipotence, and its fire-breath can cause "being on fire".
Thou shalt not taunt thy Fragon, for thou shalt become homosexual or dead or both.
by Fragon Slayer July 19, 2011
The cross-stimulus of sweet fairy genes with those of a fiery dragon. Only appropriate for dress-up parties. Or, when a nice person suddenly turns into a douche.
Random guy who always hits on you, but who you seriously dislike: 'Hey. What were you doing last night?'

You. Hair radiant, eyes glowering: 'I went to a 'Fairies and Dragons Party' as a Fragon. I am sure you know what that is.'
by booberellabella December 09, 2009
Pronunciation (frah-gun), (derivative of dragon), noun.

an annoying, slightly stupid, opinionated creature who's number one trait is awkward and ignorant creeping. The Fragon's offspring are born semi-normal, but are nurtured into full-blown oddities and awkwardness.
The Fragon was coming on to Bobby last night. The Fragon is sleeping so do not wake it up for it will eat your face.
by Booby Genitals April 12, 2010
A Fragon is a legendary figure, originating from the land of Fragonia. A Fragon is mainly a peaceful being, sharing the anatomy of both dragon and frog as well as many human like characteristics, like: arms, hands and feet (toes and fingers webbed). Thier skin is mostly smooth except for their barbed tail and miniscule fins littered across their back. They do not inhabit a nose, but a snout. Their eyes are predominently black unless angered, then which they grow a deep amber red. No history of violence has ever been notated as expressed above, although it is apparent from a Fragon's attributes, it can become deadly. A Fragon does not breath fire, yet from it's ancestor the dragon, it could presumingly strike with it's barbed tail. The term Fragon was first coined by author James Allen McDonnell in the Young Adult Fantasy Novel, titled: The Last Fragon.
(Excerpt from: The Last Fragon)

We floated gently over to where the huge frog she called a Fragon was lying down on a floating pad of lilies.

He looked graceful where he slept. His lips gently protruded in and out, as he exhaled. I never saw a frog like him before. His face was smooth yet his skin sparkled like tiny jewels. He had a scaly fin up above his head...
by J.A.M WorksofFiction January 02, 2013
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