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The awkward stage when someone is too familiar to be an acquaintance but not familiar enough to be a friend.
I met this boy, we totally have mutual friends but he is such a fracquaintance.
by mimser May 28, 2012
Noun. When two people are in the space of time between being acquaintances and friends. Usually occurs after hanging out three or more times, and often results in becoming friends with a "friend of a friend".
Mike: Hey, so what's the deal with you and Joe?
Bob: Well we've hung out a couple times, so I'd say we're Fracquaintances.
by Coldblooded December 24, 2007
An individual that you have met and interacted with on multiple occasions, making them more than an acquaintance but you do not know them well enough to call a friend.
"Isn't Tom a friend of yours?"
"No, Tom is a fracquaintance."
by pier nine August 19, 2012
Someone who isn't quite a friend yet but is more than an acquaintance.
John is a fracquaintance of Miranda's. They see each other a lot in school and talk/text each other, but they don't hang out.
by Alicia Sing Song September 25, 2011
A person who you are on good terms but don't really know that well.
1.Are you friends with Jeff?
2. Kind of, he's more of a fracquaintance.
by exect4500 August 23, 2010
noun - A person you know better than an acquaintance, but you really can't consider them a friend.
Not finding any of my friends to use the extra ticket I had to the concert, I asked my fracquaintance, Marcus, and he went with me.
by xnlover January 02, 2012
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