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A drink that makes you wind up in a random hallway with levi.
damn, that was her 2nd four loko.
by not ansley. :P December 12, 2010
10 7
four loko = awesome in a can.
The secret ingredient of four loko is robot sweat.
by terrytheloon November 16, 2010
16 17
An alcoholic beverage that when consumed usually turns your night into a night where you fuck the fat girl and get herpes. You may also experience a bar fight either before or after you fuck the fat girl.
I had to stop drinking four loko cause I used to wake up nude in front of my car with my keys in my ass
by quinton's arc October 21, 2010
26 29
an alcoholic beverage that the only high-schoolers drink.
John: Ahh dude, you missed it i was buzzed with four lokos last night.

Peter: Dude, fuck four loko. Four loko are for high schoolers.
by koi1212121 June 30, 2010
43 167