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1 definition by gitCRUNK

the most amazing malt liquor with a high alcoholic percentage. just one gets you fucked up no matter your size. want to get extra fucked up? drink two. but you might throw up. you'll already do stupid shit and be drunk as fawk on just one. punch flavour is alright, I like watermelon better. some people can't stand watermelon. there's other flavours too.
"hey, angela, you wanna let's hit up the spur stop again this friday night and get some four lokos?!"

"hell yeah! I love four loko so fucking much! I'm gonna get two!!"

"angela just one will fuck you up. please do not throw up in my car again."

"oh i know. i'm drinking one tonight and hiding the other in my room so i can drink when i'm bored...."
by gitCRUNK October 16, 2009
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