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Fostoria is a small town in Northwest Ohio. It is full of history and full of wonderful people who work hard. It is known for it's glass and for The Iron Triangle and trains. The school system is wonderful and is full of some of the best teachers. Fostoria Redman dominated the football field and other sports. The people who live there are full of pride and are proud to be a Redmen and watch their children grow up and be in band and sports and to graduate. Fostoria has changed over the years and people have come and gone. Good memories of the pool, the YMCA, the beautiful reservoirs, fishing and looking for crawdads, friends and family. It has its bad points like every town and city does. As a person who lived there from 1975 till 2002, it is always home. It may not be a rich town but I know if I walk down the street Someone will say hello and you will feel welcomed here.
I am a person who is proud to say that I have lived, loved, and taught in Fostoria.
by Heth1975 April 23, 2016
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