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a forklift from halo Reach who will always be remembered
"forky was brave he was heroic!"

"forklifts never die they a just missing in action"
by Rommelfmh August 30, 2011
The act of being funny and dorky at the same time.
Clowns are very forky people!
by jumpsuit619 June 21, 2011
Anything that doesn't look natural, in terms of ease and flow.
"Wow, that guy playing football is really forky, but he can score goals."
by nahmy April 15, 2014
A beard. If it is long, it may consists of one or more point. These points can be created using several techniques including: dipping the hair in wax, braiding, or not washing it for several weeks (this creates a natural stiffness). Forkies are commonly found on bikers, wizards, and King Tut.
"Ahhh, You're scratching my face with your forky!"
by Jo-Honey April 03, 2011