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Quite possibly one of the busiest streets in the Bronx Fordham road during the day will greet you with stores as far as your eye can see, the beautiful Fordham University campus, the train station, a food market, the tattoo parlor, and a very loud black preacher's voice that you would think would be drowned out by all of the cars honking their horns. Don't drive because traffic is inevitable on Fordham Rd and finding parking is damn near impossible. The commute is worth it though. It is hard to find nothing to do on Fordham Rd or its side streets. Not only do you have Arthur Avenue, the Bronx's little Italy, you have numerous clothing stores, such as "Butt Boosting Jeans", delis, and the market.
NEVER travel alone at night; Fordham Rd is incredibly dangerous. I have met a handful of people who claim they have gotten mugged on one of the many side streets off of Fordham Rd, and I was almost mugged myself before I took refuge in a nearby deli.

If you are under the age of 21, most bars will still let you in with a bribe of $5-$10. After 8 or 9pm, everyone stops checking for ID. On the weekends, Fordham is the place to be if all you want to do is drink. The parties are absolutely insane, and Fordham University women are basically freebies; however, be careful because cops roam the streets frequently and may clear out the bars, delis and sometimes the private parties. Just watch your back and you'll have a good time.
I have seen more illegal things in one week in Fordham, NY then I have in my entire life living in Westchester.

If you're white or asian walking alone at night, you might as well put a big red arrow over your head because you will be mugged first.
by That Greek with the Diner August 12, 2011
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