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A slang term used to describe the Ford Focus
Let's jump in the Forcus and go to Taco Bell.
by Dinkle Stowater January 23, 2008
30 11
An attempt to spell the word 'focus' in an extremely excited or upset mood by Redlust in WoW.
FORCUS!! We gonna down the boss tonight!!!
by Ilovepapaya November 06, 2008
3 1
An entity which has multiple branches of focus.
The car was so ghetto, it felt like a forcus; not every bit agreed with the direction it wanted to go.
by Peter Hendriks April 15, 2008
2 5
Forcus was not only a supergroup for a short time on the MMORPG City of Heroes, but it was also a nine-year-old's attempt at spelling the word "forces." Scientists guess that "forcus" is some kind of mystical ritual involving eating baby children, smoking lots of pot, and mixing magical herbs to ward away the undead.
so one day we will all join forcus and do what saiyons do.
by Oakster May 11, 2005
4 8