A somewhat nerdish phrase, similar to "man the harpoons".

Usually shouted when a particularly orkish looking, but not nescisarily overweight, girl comes into vision

Blaster: Holy shit! check out that Ork looking bitch over there
Jazz: For The Horde!
by The Fresh November 05, 2007
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Top Definition
a phrase yelled in one of four occasions, or all four at the same time

1) You are within the game World of Warcraft, and are either storming an Alliance city or or of Warcraft's many Battlegrounds.

2) When you soundly run into a fist-fight you are sure to win (or lose, but want to go out in style)

3) When awestruck at something totally Amazing to all, or looking at a Hot girl

4) When
Guy 1: Hey doesn't that guy hate you?
Guy 2: Shit, that guy wants a fight!
*Guy 2 charges*
Guy 2: For the Horde!!
by Queztilj the Everliving July 14, 2009

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