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To quickly describe a bad pussy. Generally, refers to the pussy being either loose, dry, stinky, hairy, sticky or just plain ugly. its not good.
Would you wax her? nah man, she looks foppy...
by I DONT PLAY GAMES July 03, 2009
During sexual intercourse a man shaves his eyebrows then places them onto a cheesecake and feeds it to the females dog and screams "JACKPOT!!"
Dude i foppy your mom all the time
by blopster October 14, 2008
After running you fart and it is extremely wet due to the sweat running down your ass crack. You have the dexterity to take a spoon, stick it between your crotch, then place it in your mouth to eat the residue.
After running around the track, I got home and did a nice Foppy.
by RidleyKid January 20, 2009
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