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A "Foot Job" is the act in which a woman will use her feet to stimulate a man's penis. This stems from the man having a foot fetish which causes the sexual attraction to a woman's feet. (Very uncommon but women can also have foot fetishes for men) A foot job is usually preformed with the soles of the feet but can be preformed with the toes also.

Other names for a Foot Job are:
Footy J
Foot J
High-Heel Slam Jam
John: Bro, did you score a foot job with Lisa last night?

Edward: For sure, dude. Her soles were so soft!

John: Nice!
by BiGoDeViN April 13, 2013
12 6
Like a handjob, but with feet. The most common methods are jacking the guy off between the soles, or between the toes of both feet. Also, the penis could slide between the big and second toe, while the other foot might be poking the scrotum, or perhaps having its toes sucked by the receiver of the footjob. There is endless room for innovation.
"She was sitting between my legs giving me a footjob, and then she leaned forward and blew me. It was incredible."
by Strx387 June 15, 2003
2417 632
When she uses her feet to beat your meat.
In return for the foot rub, she gave me a footjob.
by anonymous September 11, 2003
1526 420
A "FootJob" is a thing couples or a guy and a girl perform where she rubs her feet up and down his dick until he cums over them,this can be done with two or more which adds more pleasure to the recieving person.They can be done in several differant positions like the girl lying on the stomach with her feet up and the guy putting his dick between them.She can be wearing socks or shoes depending on what the reciever wants.Mostly given to males with a footfetish.
"Kelly gave me the most amazing footjob last night and shes amazing"
"sarah jacked me off with her feet and i cummed on her soles it was heaven!"
by Davidwooh November 09, 2005
888 353
Masturbation by someones foot
He painted her toenails cream
by James March 10, 2003
584 170
(v) When one rubs their feet on a male's penis.
My greatest desire is a footjob
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
656 271
The sexual activity in wich a male and a female or two females compete in, a footjob for a man and woman is when the woman places her bare feet(shoes or nylon/latex stockings)on the males penis and rubs and strokes it with her soles and places her toes in between the end of the penis rubbing and eventualy the male cums all over the females feet. There is also another type of footjob wich two female lesbians participate in, it's where both females facing leg to leg to eachother place their feet upon eachothers breasts and rub and tickle the niples with their toes also placing each niple between the toes casuing sexual desire and orgasm (this can also be done with the toes being placed in the virginal region.)
Last night i saw this hot chick walking down the street and i asked for her number, she came over that very night and i sucked her soft silky toes to get her in the mood of giving me the best footjob iv ever had, it was amazing i cummed all over her soft sexy feet and she licked it right off.
by Lord Solo October 07, 2006
520 226
when a girl uses her feet to jack a guy off.
"Jp really does love foot jobs!!"
by Laurensarahfuckyou June 30, 2006
437 181