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A mortal who does something so very foolish, that he is forever deemed a "foolish mortal." The antithesis of the foolish mortal is the immortal, who is never foolish.
Immortal: Hey, you foolish mortal over there!
Mortal: ?
Immortal: Thou art the foolish of mortals!
Foolish mortal: Nooooooo....!
by Unfoolish Immortal January 03, 2008
A being of limited Lifespan who commits an act of,stupidity commonly without any common sense put into it, this being then takes applause for his foolish deed, and is then deemed a foolish mortal, being foolish in nature, and limited in lifespan. you can be deemed a foolish mortal by one of three things.

1) A British Monarch from the 16th century.

2) A Warlock Of superior power.

3) A wise Immortal.
Warlock: so...a squirrel took your underwear you say?
Foolish mortal: yes, yes he did.
Warlock: Okay...and your lifespan is how long..?
Foolish Mortal: umm....70-80 years on average?
Warlock: I see....FOOLISH MORTAL!!
by Queztilj the Everliving July 14, 2009
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