To "Google" like "Fuck"(Google in a frenzy) is to "Foogle". Foogling, the art of Foogle. Usually when engaged in a session of verbal jousting on an internet forum. Your opponent is too thick/stupid to respond immediately so will spend time "Googling" like "Fuck" to try and find a witty response.
"Tay" is too thick to really upset someone, he spends most of his time Foogling
by SupremeSpod July 10, 2008
the act of searching random fetishs on google
"yo man! i was foogling banana fetish and got 3,600,000 results!"
by canyoubelieveit December 26, 2008
Fooling around on google, looking up random crap.
I didn't get my homework done last night, because I was foogling for like, three hours!
by TheDieselCowboy April 26, 2010

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