inner suburban youth (usually gay) wearing effeminate clothing with spiky bouffant hair styles or hair that has been blow dried making it FOOF up (combination of FOOF and POOFTER)
The guys that go to that bar are such FOOFERS!
by GusMack June 25, 2007
Top Definition
N. "Foofer" A slight fart.

V. "Foofered" The act of foofering.
Oh man, I sure foofer allot!
by roachofdiscord November 30, 2004
Person with lack of intrest.
No intelligence what so ever.

Talks to himself/herself in 3rd person point of view.
Look at George hes such a fuckin foofer
by synonomous May 17, 2009
1. A person who is a fool!

2. a silly person

3. a person that does somethin stupid and he doesnt know
Gosh! ur a foofer for trippin over ur own feet
by Jayhabbit AKA jAYVEE September 07, 2006
That sexy-ass crease on a woman between the back of the upper leg and the apple bottom.
I go to Hooters just to drown my sorrows in foofers, cleavage, beer, and hot wings.
by Gingabread March 08, 2011
The sound made when in the act of intercourse between a male and a female, when the male pulls out and puts back in very fast, causing a queifing sound.
I made her foofer during sex.
by King Foofer February 16, 2011
A mostly Australian word for one's respitory system. Derived from the sound one makes when breathing heavily from exertion, especially through pursed lips.
Man, my foofer is working hard
by pete_downunder February 02, 2007
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