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Food Shelf: After (or during) the meal, you find a nice little supply of crumbs and food items resting on your bosom! Knowing it's likely that everyone else at the table has been aware of your crumb(y) situation, you decide to have a little fun at your own expense and exclaim you are saving what's on your food shelf for a snack later!

This comment has saved me embarrassment many times over the years, as I have a nice sized bust line and all crumbs are safely stored there until dinner is over!
Bezzy: Another great meal my friend! Thank you for having me over for dinner.
Friend: You're always welcome here, you know that!

Magically, all eyes are diverted to my chest where quite a pile of crumbs has been stored up...

As I skillfully begin gathering up my stash, I proclaim, "food shelf!" and explain that I'll just save them up for another meal later!

by Bezzy March 31, 2013
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