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an indefinite "space filler" that can be used to describe just about anything. Many endings can be added to the word.

Pl.: foochei

Also: Foochalicious, Foochable, Foochless, Fooched, Fooching, Fooches, Fooch
"Mmmm....this sauce is a little foochy.
"Hey babe, you're looking quite foochy today."
"I'm gettin' my fooch on!"
by GhettoBird April 13, 2005
Feeling of tiredness where one is neither awake nor asleep. Usually is associated with exhausted hyperactivity.
"Don't ask me questions. I didn't get to sleep at all last night. I'm completely foochy today."
by Jez - The Big Bad November 14, 2004

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