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To call a friend using free long distance instead of getting charged.
Guy: Did you get charged for calling Sheila long distance?

Dude: No I totally Fongo'd her!
by Hellmuth555 November 30, 2011
Fear Of Not Going Out - Much like FOMO, but without the anxiety of wondering if your friends care where you are.
"I heard about that party, but I'm low on cash. I'm still gonna go because I don't want to sit at home tonight with a massive case of FONGO"
by brothertorch January 24, 2013
When a fart goes forward and seeps through your crotch. Mostly common with women, where the farts will pass through the lips of their vagina.
The other day while at Jim's house, I let out a huge fongo.
by SladeThunder November 15, 2009
Another name for a bong or water pipe.
'Bob bought a quarter and packed his mates up a few fongo's.
by ..sly March 05, 2011
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