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Fodangle is the verb in which one person, fully erect, is kicked in the bottom of the penis with such force that when the penis hits them in stomach it has enough force to recoil and harm their testicles.
When the guy purposefully stuck his penis in the woman's anus without permission, the woman turned around and fodangled him.
by George Foreskin February 12, 2010
Terminology used to sound cool. Instead of "fo sho", It has been switched to fo dangle as to symbolize the act of "dangling" or "hanging"
Student 1: What's up man?

Student 2: Hey, Fo dangle!
by Fodanglinator March 30, 2012
A person or persons who claim to have huge penis's but really have chode's
"Dude isnt that Fo Dangle?"

"Oh ma GAWD it's Fo Dangle Lee"

"It's A Fo Dangle! I can't believe he's got the balls to show his face again"
by Phantar May 31, 2006
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