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Like 'abra cadabra', a spell you cast hoping it will increase your productivity.
It's Friday at 3:30. I either need a beer already or a healthy dose of focus pocus.
by parkca01 December 16, 2011
An intense state of concentration or effort-usually on behalf of your money and what you're going to do to get it.

Origin: Vallejo, Ca
What are you doing this afternoon?

Focus pocus on this homework so I can graduate, ya know.
by Phylfeezie May 25, 2009
A mode you enter when you are facing a task that must get done. By any means necassary.

It is derived from the phrase "Hocus Pocus". Beacuse it seems like you perfomed magic when you complete the task.
Friend: Dude did you finish that 8-page term paper yet.

You: Nope, I haven't even started yet.

Friend: Are you serious? It's due next week.

You: Yeah I know. I'm going to have to go into Focus Pocus mode this week-end if I want to get it done.
by Deezo88 April 21, 2011