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1. The mess you make throwing things everywhere trying to find something important.
2. The opposite redecorating
Her: Good grief it's a mess in here.

You: Oh sorry about that I had to do some De-decorating when I was looking for my car keys.
by Deezo88 March 31, 2009
Someone who’s constantly on websites looking at stuff to buy but never buys anything.
Person 1: Hey what you doing.
Person 2: Just looking at some shoes on ebay.
Person 1: Why? You know you don't have any money to buy anything.
Person 2: I know! I'm just web shopping.
by Deezo88 September 17, 2009
The feeling you get the morning after you and you're friends go to a bar and wake up the next morning sore. Like you have been in a car crash.
You: Dang what did we do last night my back and my arm hurts.

Friend: I don't know what we did but it must have ended in a bar crash cause my neck and my head hurts.
by Deezo88 April 20, 2010
What you call your mom's house when thats the only place you go to wash your clothes because it's free.

Comes from the name Laundromat. Since it's you mom's house you call it Mom-dro-mat.

Can also be called Dad-dro-mat. If you go to your Dad's house.
Friend: Look at this huge pile of dirty clothes when are you going to wash.

You: I will when I get a chance.

Friend: When you get a chance? There is a laundromat right down the street.

You: No way I not paying to wash my clothes I go to my Mom's house.

Friend: Oh yeah the good ole Mom-dro-mat
by Deezo88 April 21, 2011
A mode you enter when you are facing a task that must get done. By any means necassary.

It is derived from the phrase "Hocus Pocus". Beacuse it seems like you perfomed magic when you complete the task.
Friend: Dude did you finish that 8-page term paper yet.

You: Nope, I haven't even started yet.

Friend: Are you serious? It's due next week.

You: Yeah I know. I'm going to have to go into Focus Pocus mode this week-end if I want to get it done.
by Deezo88 April 21, 2011
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