The act of zip lining into your lover's intimate parts.
Guy: Can I give you a Flying Dutchman?
Girl: Yummy, I want some of that!!!!
Guy: Here I come!!!!!!!!!!! (Zip lined into girls intimate parts)
by Raging_Pooper6547 December 13, 2014
It is a person giving a Dutch Rudder. Instead of regularly doing a dutch rudder, u jump up and down, giving more power, and also looking like you are flying.
Wow, he wwas doing the Flying Dutch Man!!
by marmar556 June 02, 2010
When you cup a potent fart then throw it at someone. A twist on the Dutch Oven.
I got Sam right between the eyes with a snowball, then he returned fire with a gnarley Flying Dutchman.
by Alexcellent-69 March 10, 2015
where your having sex with a girl standing up, and you do a cartwheel.
man 1: My girl taught me how to do a flying dutchman!
man 2: Hows your penis doing?
man 1: still broken.
by Robrobrockstar February 06, 2006
found on the seceret menu at in-n-out burger, best burger joint in the world, only found in California, Arizona and Nevada (It's family owned and operated). It consists of meat and cheese only. A 2x2 flying dutchman is 2 meat and 2 cheese. A 3x3 is 3 meat and 3 cheese.
Whoa, Char just ate a 4x4 flying dutchman and now he's been in the bathroom for 2 solid hours!
by PCP from the MPC February 03, 2006
Like a Dutch Oven only on a plane, anonymous, devious, and devastating.
The man in the row in front of me complained to the flight attendant about a rancid smell, a Flying Dutchman I cut loose, that was promptly blamed on a baby.
by The farting dutchman February 08, 2010
The act of giving someone a dutch rudder whilst on an aeroplane.
Man i got the best " Flying Dutchman " on the flight over here
by Dan 123 June 01, 2011
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