Akin to log watching under the glass coffee table, where the missus lays one out and you can watch the delivery without getting a face full of corn. The flying carpet is when she jumps over the coffee table naked, in the style of a Olympic hurdler and you get a snapshot of her hairy tomato barmcake
Peter was giddily chasing naked Marrion around the living room, when she expertly hurdled the living room coffee table, where Shaun was laying in wait, perfectly positioned for a snapshot of her beautiful puffed up fluffy flying carpet.
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) August 11, 2004
Top Definition
When you are in a public place and have to take a shit really bad, but the toilet has piss all over it. So you have to bend over the toilet with out touching it, as if you were hovering over it on a flying carpet.
I was at the stadium watching the Chargers and had to take a shit, so I had to perform the flying carpet.
by Travis Mo Dogg October 16, 2008
When needing to take a sh*t in a public restroom, you bend over not letting your ass touch the toliet. Hoovering above the toliet as if you were on a flying carpet.
Ah maaaannnn.....some one pissed all over the toliet. I guess i will have to perform the flying carpet.
by Travis Mo Dogg October 23, 2008
Wrap a girl in a rug or carpet and you and a mate spit-roast her.

When you're both holding it on the clutch whip the rug/carpet around causing the girl to spin wildly as you both cum
Me and binnsy gave this slapper a flying-carpet last night - she was so dizzy she nearly barfed
by big phil's mate April 01, 2009
A woman whose thighs are not touching making her private parts magically float in between her legs.
Cooper: "Man Im so sore from yoga"

Dan : "Dude, you do yoga?"

Cooper: " Sure do, the instructor has the sweetest Flying Carpet"

Dan: "When's your next class?"
by GrosBilodeau February 17, 2011
An asian person who thinks they are English and doesn't know what malteasers are even though they own the corner shop
''look at that fucking flying carpet...what a sand monkey''

''what was that?? I got a whiff of curry''
''oh a flying carpet just went passed us''
by Twatalie the third August 06, 2007
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