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An adjective describing something having high flow.

Wikipedia describing flux of liquid in physical context:
Flux is defined as flow per unit area, where flow is the movement of some quantity per time. Flux, in this definition, is a vector.
"That thing was so fluxy I could've swam in my mind by only thinking about it."

"The material looked so fluxy I thought it was liquid, but it was actually just a flat surface with light projected on it."
by Alias52 December 03, 2011
The best way to find happy hours and events near you. Just search for Fluxy on the AppStore.
I don't know what to do tonight. No worries bro, just Fluxy it!
by emanon42 July 25, 2014
Hypocrite; to not care that you care way too much.
"MD, you're really fluxy sometimes."
"I don't care that I'm fluxy"
by MarleeDanger March 16, 2007
Possibly one of the best non-american halo2 and halo3 players of all time, born in Aylesbury, England FLuXy moved to London and then Torbay where his gaming career took off and his team cArBoN TaCTiCs started before winning i35 in Englands great capital city.
That FLuXy and that phurion sure do kick ass.
by FLuXys no1 Fan February 28, 2009
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