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verb - To act or speak in a manner consistent with the onomatopoeic quality exuded by the very word; Flurgle.
Don't you hate it when you've just finished eating, and the person you're with decides to start talking to you? Namely, when they haven't quite emptied their mouth of the food they just chewed on, creating a "flurgle" sound with every-single-syllable they heave out..
by Strange Blue Objects August 12, 2006
A unit of measure with no determinant value. Can be used to describe any measurement in which the result is mostly inconsiquential.
Person1 : "How far is the mall from here"
Person 2: "Oh about 8 flurgles"
Person 1: "Can we stop on the way? I need cash. I only have 14 flurgles of money and i need to buy 3 flurgles of gas"
by graymorality July 20, 2013
A flurgle is the word used when you kiss someone and you fart at the same time.
I just flurgled that girl over there
by Kokopuff11 July 28, 2010
Small green, globular creatures with different color glowing eyes that reside on the planet without a name, created by bored digital graphics and animation students
Rito the flurgle often trips.
by No one that you'd know. January 07, 2010
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