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n. Flurfnee
One who is being hit on the head with a salmon
v. Flurf
To hit a flurfnee with a salmon
n. Flurfer
One who hits a flurfnee with a salmon
Bob was promptly and violently flurfed after telling his friend he was a professional flurfnee
by Conor Bane March 30, 2004
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A complete euphanism for any curse
"Why you flurfing flurfer!" farmer Bob screamed at the kids stealing his cabbage
by Ivan Zero May 04, 2004
A dildo, specifically the rather large type consisting of steel. May have spikes.

Another definition is to use a salmon as the flurfnee.
After using my flurfnee, my rectum needed to heal for 3 days.

I didn't realise the flurfnee I was using was still alive.
by Maacks September 24, 2006

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