A way to say the word without saying the word
"oh flup"
by BOBBY070707 August 10, 2012
Top Definition
The black, mushy goo left in the bottom of your glass after dipping oreos (regular or double stuffed) into milk.
Austin: I just ate a whole box or oreos!
David: Did you dip 'em in milk?
Austin: Well duhh.
David: Dang that must have made a lot flup!!
Austin: Chyeah it did.
by anotherrandomguyfromohio February 22, 2011
1. (adj) A combination of fluffy, and floppy.

2. (noun) A noise evil fish make.

3. (verb) A mistake. To flup.

4. A replacement for the f-bomb.
1. That dog has such fluppy ears!

2. "Flup," said the fish as he sliced off the girl's head.

3. Ugh, I can't believe I made such a flup!

by simplypirate September 13, 2010
A rare word used to punctuate an ending of a phrase when the ending is not apparent.
James, your dad died....flups.
by Jombie/ O-Dog/ Bag-O-Thome July 10, 2008
A verb, originating from seafaring days, originally meaning frantic movement exhibited by a fish out of water.

The word found life anew in 1998, when the codfather began using it as a replacement curse word out of respect for his staunch Christian friend.
I shwear to flupping cod I'm gonna beat the flup out whoever did this...
by ThyCodFather September 22, 2010
To attach ones pubic hair to anothers eyelashes while ejaculating in the second party's nose
by BigFlupper November 20, 2010
a flaccid penis.
Guy A: Dude, you're such a pussy.
Guy B: Well at least I'm not a flup.
Guy A: What's a flup?
Guy B: *Aziz Ansari voice* A flaccid penis.
by howcansheslap1 February 09, 2013
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