replacement profanity word in the ringworld series, flup is what the spill mountains are made of which is the sediment at the bottoms of the seas which is pumped to the top of the mountains
how the flup do I get to the top of that spill mountain
by slopecarver July 30, 2010
The sound an umbrella makes when it turns inside out in a strong wind.
After a strong gust of wind, the umbrella went 'flup' and turned inside out.
by Steve Hanning May 05, 2007
The reflective plates that they put on roadways to seperate the lanes
I was so drunk I kept running over the flups
by Bud Wiser September 26, 2003
Verb: The act of hitting someone (preferable the face) with a sea bass.
If you don't understand I will flup you!

That man over there just flupped me!

How could one flup so lightly, but speak so strongly?
by TycoTheHyBeaver February 21, 2012
Originated in Louisville Kentucky. FLuP refers to "Far Left Pedal", or "clutch" in other words. If something is "flup", it is very clutch.. life-saving.. extraordinary.
(In a game of Flip Cup) "Slim flipped his cup before that other dude... he's fuckin' flup!"

"Chuck Norris is the most flup motherfucker on the planet."

"Thanks for taking the blame on that one... that was flup."
by Phroxen March 09, 2006
to have finished eating. "flup = fl'up = full up"
"i'm flup, cant eat another thing"
by charlene April 17, 2004
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