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The bottom of the brony social ladder, below a clopper. They resemble Scootabusers and Abuser- @#!*% . FluffyWhoppers are sadist who enjoys the neglect, torture, rape, and the cruel deaths of the controversial Fluffies, a race of genetically grown and modified half-breed between a pony and a sheep.
Brony #1: Hey man, do you want to go whatch some ponies?

Brony #2: Nah man, I've got some fluffies to attend to, but one of them craped on my carpet, so I drowned it without mercy. I never felt so alive!

Brony #1: Seriously?! Your such a FluffyWhopper!

Brony #2: I know. If you will accuse me, I've got some chickens to torture
by ChaoOutsideMKF June 27, 2012
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