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Something or someone that is cute, and or a cute nickname for someone you love!
Look at that adorable fluffkin... Fluffkin I love you!
by S Joy March 09, 2010
The act of giving head to someone while they are folding "fluffy" towels fresh from the dryer.
Britt gave me a nice fluffkin last night so I would fold the towels.
by PseudoSally December 12, 2015
when you cant think of any names to give someone so you call them "Flufkins" meaning that they are dumb and don't understand most things you and your friends joke about.
Austin: "brian your so dumb how did you not get that joke?"
Dominick: "Gosh your such a Fluffkins Brian!"
Brian: "Aww" :(
by domlax7 January 06, 2012
You're sitting on a toilet getting head and you fart. Similar to a Lumpkin.
I was at this killer party sitting on a toilet getting head from this chick. I thought I was having a Lumpkin, but it was only a Fluffkin.
by Redballs October 15, 2008
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