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To go down on (perform oral sex on) a woman.

Fluding is the act of 'licking out' a girl.

Derived from RUGworld (formally 'Flude Carpets')
"I fluded Lucy last night"
"Hey can you flude me?"
"We totally spent the day fluding"
"In the mood for a flude"
by Petal Hipkiss January 25, 2013
Slang term for the female genitalia...
"I'm seeing Sarah today"
"Dude! That girl has a NASTY flude!"
by ThatHouseGirl April 08, 2010
A dumb ass that doesnt understand what to do when you them to. often used with the adjective "fuckin"
Steve: Go ask that bitch to go out with you!

Max: No. What if she says no?

Steve: Your a fuckin flude!
by non-flude guy September 20, 2008
the fetish, of having prolonged sexual intercourse with items of food
i made sweet flude to a doughnut and still had enough energy left to do a quiche!
by luke wuheeler March 08, 2007

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