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Hair style on a male where the hair appears to flow down the side of the head.
Look at that dude's nice flowski.
by Gwiss May 20, 2008
(n.) a male that has long mullet-like or surfer-like hair, usually located on beaches or near surf shops. Flowski vocabulary usually includes: rad, killer, gnar(ly), braw, gross (positive conotation).
Guy A: "Dude check out that browski over there."
Guy B: "Nah b thats a total flowski, he's carrying a surfboard."
by ardy, mahanimal, jfo May 01, 2008
a dank p-tail hanging out the back of a helmet or hat blowing in the wind
Yo gents thats a fly flowski you got
by slangle April 19, 2009
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