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When there's that DJ on the decks doing all sorts of CRAZY stuff. He's doing everything right and making the crowd get hyped, maybe with a few PULL UPS and a few RELOADS. And your thinking, "this guy is the best, he is the master at this, he should do this for a living" ....

He's a Professional DJ controlling the Flow

He's a Flowfessional
Charlie: "YO Andy! Who's that shit-hot DJ and MC on the stage????"
Andy "Haven't you heard of them, their new! ... That's DJ Detweiller and MC Tudacris"
Charlie: "Them two can do anything, they must have gone to DJ school or something?!"
Andy: "hahaha, I know man, them two are flowfessionals!"
by MC Tudacris May 23, 2011
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