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Old school:

- great location
- great service for phones
- nice sized hallways
- somewhere near civilazation
- seriously, there was enough room

New school:

- stupiest location ever, next to a library. wonder if thats a coinkidink.. withl like 17 churches within a 0.1 mile radius . gotta love me some jesus

- absolutely no phone service, seriously it like a prison

- LARGEST population of kids in Hall county, YET the hallways are CRAP SMALL

- next to suburbia on elizabeth road. sucky sucky location

- WAYY TOO BIG holy shiz we dont need these many rooms damn


the principal still looks like a transexual to me. just sayin...
guy 1: "why the hell did Flowery Branch High School change schools"
guy 2: "..whaaaaa"
guy 3: " we moved?"

guy 4: "dude i have so many problems, im so emo"
guy 1: " at least we can all walk to the church and be back in time for class in 2 minutes"
guy 2: "very true dude"
by chapstickilovemesomejesus August 16, 2009
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