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West Branch Area School is located in Morrisdale, Pennsylvania. This school was once based on pride and honor until the school board hired inside kin. The football program was once known for their mental toughness and offensive power. It's now one of worst teams in the state, in which people still believe that this program matters. Much of the respect for this school has been lost, from either the lack of teaching or the teachers that believe they're above the students. Bachelor degrees is not mandatory at this place of academia, having family is much more prioritized than college degrees. With the expansion of family members, this place of academia is less known as a place of study. Many of the students are favorited, which makes teaching less promising.
Hey man, where did you go to school?
West Branch Area School
Oh alright, that explains why you're working at Dairy Queen.
by DairyQueenEmployee January 02, 2011

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