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The large flap of skin which hangs over the genital area when one is rather overweight.
Oi, move your flouch so I can suck your cock!

Hang on, I just need to pick up my flouch and wash underneath..
by Emilyemilyemily March 01, 2014
Sitting on the floor while resting your back against a couch. Often used when calling a place to sit when watching a movie with friends.
"i call couch"

"i call floor"

"i call FLOUCH"
by #1 Clan member April 30, 2010
Pronuciation - Flewtche or Flew-ch. Derogatory term for a man. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.

A synonym for a man's genitalia, penis, balls, etc.
Your a flouch!
Nice flouch!
Your flouch looks nice!
by Flouch Maker! May 13, 2011
a defined group of women beyond the rest, the cream if the crop!, a perfectly shaped woman, just right and just special to everything else!
"look at her she's a right flouch!"
by squideuk January 13, 2006