Behind FAMU, is easily the worst college in Florida. They try to keep up with superior rival, The University of Florida, but they can't. The only people that attend this school are dumb ass hicks and black people that can't get into the much better academic school, UF. The only bright spot that has to do with FSU is it's slutty black chicks, who even though weigh an average of 300 pounds and usually have around 2 or 3 STDs, are prized possesions at this shit school. Don't go here, unless you don't want to get hired by any employer in the future. Florida State cannot, has not, and will not ever compare to Gator Nation in any way, no matter how much their students claim that FSU>UF because of their first head to head football win in 7 years.
Florida State University fan:"Dude UF sucks, we beat them in football this year!!"
Superior UF fan:"Chill bro, winning isnt that great but hey, i guess your still getting used to it."
#fsu #florida schools #bad schools #shit #bad #fuck #fuck shit up
by chancers January 15, 2011
A former all girls school that made the transition to a coed university in order to obtain better nationl status. Their football program is owned by the University of Miami due to the Hurricanes owning FSU almost every time they meet on the field.
"Hey, remember the last time Florida State beat Miami in football?"
"Me either."
by hexum January 19, 2005
see Free Shoes University
Florida State University is inferior to the Miami Hurricanes in every way, shape and form. Wake me up sometime in the next 10 years when they DON'T lose 4 or more games a year.
#free #shoes #university #wide right #wide left
by It's all about the U August 11, 2006
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