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A tiny ass town near San Antonio. This town is full of posers and douchebags that think they're ghetto. These dumbasses wouldn't know ghetto if it popped cap in their asses. A majority of the ethnic population are Mexicans who can't speak Spanish and think they're chulos and chulas because they flaunt a fake accent and falcon claw nails.

Most of the population consists of sluts, guys who think theyre 'gangsta' and religious hypocrites. Nobody here seems to possess any manners. These assholes give Texas a bad name. For a small town, a stereotypically polite area, it sure is the rudest and most unpleasant place anyone will ever have the displeasure of visting.

There is positively nothing, I mean nothing, to do in this town. I digress. Theres a movie theatre but its a bigger piece of shit than what Im typing out. So, without any activites, a majority of the teens and whatnot get pregnant before you can say Juno and haphazardly morph into bland, resentful drunks--much like their forefathers.

They also nick-named the town "Flo-Town". (In order to appear mad gangsta but just look like pure dumbasses to surrounding towns)
Floresville sucks ass.

Floresville is full of rude Mexicans, lets go to La Vernia where there are racist white people.
by Rustic Chantilly July 29, 2011
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Floresville is a small town on near the outskirts of San Antonio. It is full of many people coming from many positions, including a bunch of dumb asses that think their gangsters. Theres almost nothing to do in Floresville, probably because of the towns historical value. One of the only annual things is the Peanut festival, where people come from all over, including Houston just to see.

The people there can be nice, or just be a bunch of douchebags depending on who you meet. Some are racists, some are sexist, and many more are just plain mean. However, if you look hard enough, you can find a person or two that are different.

However, Texas probably doesnt know that much about Floresville, which is why a bunch of people come to "false accusations" about it.

For being a small town, it has one of the best bands in all of Texas. It also contains many sports groups and clubs ranging from the Historians, to the WCSL.

Floresville is quite crappy, and more often than not, nobody in their right mind would want to live there. However, it doesnt get as much recognition as it deserves.
Floresville may contain rude Mexicans, but its better than the racist crap you get on the south side of San Antonio.
by Actual Investigator November 28, 2011
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Small suburban town near San Antonio. Absolutely nothing to do but go to the 2 screen movie theater that always craps out halfway through any movie.
wow, there's nothing to do in Floresville, let's go to San Antonio.
by metromedicman June 12, 2009
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A small town near San Antonio. About 60% of this town is a bunch of wannabe ghettos. The school has the worst teams and the worst staff. You only make team of any sport out of favoritism since half the students there are related to staff. When you first move there you think it's an cool town with wonderful people. But I must warn you all of those people are nothing but a bunch of shit talking fakes that think they're all tough. Don't trust a soul in Floresville. There isn't anything to do at all there except go to the movies or go to the pool that's only open in the summer. If you're considering moving here. I'd change your mind. One of the worst towns I've lived in.
"Hey I'm thinking about moving back to Floresville!"
"I wouldn't live there again if it was my mother's dying wish"
by Forgetmyface August 12, 2014
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