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A creature bearing a generous mixture of all traits leading to forced and self inflicted voluntary mental instability, generally believed to develop from early childhood, possibly due to growing up in a very dry and problematic family atmosphere, thus the individual believing this is a way of life.

The perfect recipe combining the ingredients of a Sociopath, Compulsive Liar and Schizophrenic. The person will typically fabricate a story, situation, geographic location and/or severe traumatic experience (just to name a few of the many possibilities) in a given spontaneous moment, purely for the sake of striking a conversation.

One-upism is a guaranteed predicament in this chosen way of life. If you have done, bought, achieved, accomplished something (fictional or non) they can beat it, have already done it and will push fiction to its ultimate limits creating non-existent products, affiliations, and circumstances to prove that they are better than you could possibly dream of being.
Any communication with a flombo will always result in this.

Identifying a flombo may be a challenge to the untrained eye. Characteristics and traits appear to be normal at first, and to the trusting person, a flombo’s true form may not be apparent for some time. General statements (applicable to any conversation) are used during all communication, due to inability to converse in anything intelligent, caused by a lack of education.
If someone claims to be randomly possessed in public places by 'demons' spawned by the hate of an ex. This is an example of a flombo, the following conversation may take place:

Stefanie: My ex, I can't escape him, he controls demons and they possess me and draw me back to him!
Jane: Say what?
Stefanie: I can feel his darkness (cough splutter dry heave)... It’s taking over me….. (convulsions)

Mike: "Hey steve, I saw my first flombo last week"
Steve: "yeah man, they are everywhere... steer clear at all costs!"
by WishWellingtons July 07, 2013
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