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The trance-like, orgasmic state of being which is produced by listening to and/or singing along with Florence + The Machine.
Last night, Florence and the Machine was on Letterman. I had a Flogasm right in front of my parents.
by The Jozzer February 02, 2011
39 4
When a female stranger, in any place or time, randomly makes a loud sound, as if orgasming.
" Dude, last night in the bar this really hot girl had a major flogasm."
by lasagnaeater January 01, 2009
6 2
The resulting release that occurs after Flopounding for several minutes.
1. Why do you look so exhausted?

Because I just Flogasmed extremely hard!

2. Girl: So, wanna hit the sack?

Guy: No thanks, I've just Flogasmed.
by The Purple Taco February 22, 2011
4 1