An onomatopoeic word. The well renowned sound that comes from a lady's slosh pit when caught in a draft.
"Fuck me! Shut your fucking legs, I just got a second hand breeze straight from your goblin' love. See, that's better isn't it, you can no longer hear it flobble."
by Flanny wanny woo woo July 24, 2009
Top Definition
The action of the orange bit in a jaffa cake once seperated from the rest of the cake and chocolate; then waved around.
"Look at it flobble!"

"Dude.. put it away"
by 3fj May 06, 2007
The Act of Smacking or Hitting the Breast or Boobs intill they Bruise.
I'm Going to Flobble you so hard tonight, Bitch!
by flabbleflobblelover November 17, 2010
The remnants of faeces found on ones nose after engaging in oral sex from behind
This flobble smells like turnips
"Darling, could you fetch the flobble flannel?"
by STX. June 24, 2003
1. the vibrations of fat after an overweight body is jarred or struck with strong force; jiggle
I felt so sorry for Beatrice,after falling down those stairs I swear she flobbled for almost a whole minute!
by Sweettoothhead October 24, 2003
n. The resulting low hanging, loose, flappy labia from muliple bangings of the female genitalia, a floppy used vagina that has been wrecked and destroyed by many people.

It's floppy and it wobbles - hence flobble.
"Wilma's flobble was so long that she could tie it in a knot."

"I was doing this slut the other day and her flobble was hanging almost to her knees."
by Presidential Jeff June 13, 2008
the act of flinging the last drop of sperm from the head of your penis into an old ladies eye
i just flobbled that old broad
by mickey louse May 15, 2007
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