Commonly used in rap battles, it means to take what somebody said against you and to use it against them.
When he started hittin' at people I was with that night, I flipped the script by talking about how he didn't have anyone even with him.
by P. Noland July 18, 2005
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To do the unexpected. To deviate from the norm.
I flipped the script on that bitch when I told her I was leavin her stank ass.
by Jeff Killeen June 27, 2003
to gain control in a dialogue that is being dominated by another person so that you are now in charge.

could be used for any situation involving only 2 people.
Eddie turned out to be a dominating ***hole, then Shanon flipped the sript now he stays home everyday and cries like a baby.
by i don't have a name August 24, 2005
To turn the tide, blaze a new trail, or otherwise go against a pre-established or preconcieved rule, idea, norm, or expectancy.
Lupe Fiasco would flip the script of the rap game when he released an album that didn't rely on cliched rap tenets such as drugs, sex, and violence to be commercially successful.
by Lance Steele April 23, 2009
When someone does something deceitful to you, you forgive them, and they take your kindness as a weakness and think they have the upper hand. Now you turn around and do the exact same thing to them, but they never see it coming because they thought you were weak! Gotcha.
Mike made plans with me, later confirmed the plans, seemed really excited about everything and called two hours before to cancel, turns out he had no means to keep the date from the start. I laughed it off, accepted another date and flip the script, this time I no-showed for the date.
by Fire Starter September 17, 2013
When two individuals have certain roles in a relationship, and once separated for a while, become more like the other person than who they used to be.
He was such a drunk addict always wanting to party, telling me I didn’t need to worry about book smarts because I needed to gain street smarts. Then he went to jail and I got drunk and partied, whiled he studied books in his cell. Now that he’s out I’m addicted and he’s telling me all he learned from his books, and about getting high on life. Why did we flip the script?
by etslutwhoe July 19, 2010
Podcast in the format of a Round table discussion between 6 or so individuals about anime, music, film, video games and much more.
Let's listen to Flip the Script!
by Slim_Cognito April 06, 2009

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