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To do the unexpected. To deviate from the norm.
I flipped the script on that bitch when I told her I was leavin her stank ass.
by Jeff Killeen June 27, 2003
To be employed within a company yet do no work what-so-ever. Stems from Harris Levin
I Levin'd that GlobalSpec joint for damn near 3 years!
by Jeff Killeen December 21, 2004
An inbred redneck who likes to fuck chickens. Usually can be recognized by their improper english and rotten teeth.
That moakler just pinked a chicken and then cooked it for dinner!
by Jeff Killeen July 11, 2003
To be have rough anal intercourse with another man with lots of hitting and slapping but no loving gestures. The preson being pinked usually ends up eating the santorum.
Roger would've enjoyed being pinked a if bubba wasn't so rough
by Jeff Killeen December 21, 2004
The act of passing a slut between one of more guys who each takes a turn putting it in one or more of her holes.

See train
That girl rode the amtrak all night until she ran out of oil.
by Jeff Killeen June 17, 2003

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