(1)one who becomes overly attached to one person in a romantic way; (2)one who romanticly wants another with whom they will not be; (3)one who wishes to date an ex but not get the opportunity to do so; (4)one who again has feelings towoard an old romantic intrest in a subconscious effort to gain attention or have some one to love.
Rose is such a flim for John; she keeps holding out hope when it will not happen.
by JAP July 26, 2003
Slang: Northwest England, Particularly Liverpool and Runcorn.

A small amount of Cannabis Resin, usually wrapped in a Skin (Rizla Paper).

Sold mainly to losers and teenagers, who don't really have any money and can be easily ripped off. It works out better value to buy weed in bulk!

Joked about, because if you can only get a Flim, there's either a really bad drought on (and you better get your arse over to Amsterdam), or your a total fucking loser.
Person 1 "Aye La, ave ye got any green?"

Person 2 "Only Rocky mate"

Person 1 "Do us tick?"

Person 2 "How much?"

Person 1 "A Flim, i'm skint"

At this point Person 2 pisses himself laughing at this wanker. Gives it to Person 1 on tick, then when Person 1 doesn't pay, rings his mate to get the boys down.And Person 1 gets a kicking.
by urban111 November 03, 2006
That nasty mucusy stuff attached to your tonsils when you get a sore throat
"Awe, man! My throat's at it again!"
"Flim again?"
"Yea...I'll have another cough drop before bed."
by Ru297 May 25, 2013
The light clothes esp. dressesworn by women on warm, summer days, that cling to their breasts, buttocks and crotch , leaving little to the imagination.

Women who wear 'flim' are also 'flim'.
'oh my god, look at that 'flim' in the park'

'did you see any 'flim' in town today?'
by jason fretwell / kurt schramm February 02, 2004
A Flim is a cross between a flid and a quim.....yes it us true....So where flid means Retard and quim means vagina it is basically a retarded vagina. But it is used as an insult
Oh my god you Flim


How could you do that!? your sucha flim!
by HDa November 22, 2005

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