When a women sucks your cock off.
-Did you have a threesome last night pal?-J-Diggs

-No but one of the whores gave me a flight to Boston-Cutthroat Commitee aka Mac Dre
by D-ru July 08, 2005
Top Definition
When one's penis is sucked by a member of the opposite sex. For all you dumbasses out there a "woman".
The bitch with the fat ass and no teeth gave me a flight to Boston.
by Master of My Domain July 06, 2004
Boss head some good sucky sucky
Where's my ticket... for my Flight to Boston u beezy!
by big ang May 03, 2005
get a girl to give a guy head or boss
get a bitch to give me a flight to boston
by DJ Morris January 12, 2004
A superior blow job, a.k.a. boss ass head.
I'm all thizzed out, trying to find a punk rock beezie to gimmie a flight to boston
by myboxchevy April 22, 2011
when you give your man/woman some major dome
Man my gurl took a flight to boston on me !

I took a flight to boston to make my man happy .
by Ganai Canty December 11, 2006

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