A feature on many modern-day smartphones that disconnects from all networks. Originally intended for when boarding an aircraft but can also be used when you want to temporarily avoid someone by not letting him/her reach you via phone/text based means.
"Man! Sam's been bitching at me about last night. I just sent her a text telling her to f*ck off and went into flight mode.. I'll deal with her later when this hangover goes away!"
by Kuwlij_ October 26, 2011
This term denotes face value; meaning to "take off" and take something (an idea, remark or concept) without any type of consideration or feelings pertaining to.
" I don't think you wanna ask this person if they're gay or not. Although you probably mean well, some people may take offense and go into 'flight mode' and / or 'fight mode' "
by ima90sbb February 25, 2009

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