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The flexicon is the complete list of all unique words and meanings posted to Facebook. Originating from an amalgamation of Facebook and lexicon, it also reflects the many ways that words in the flexicon can be used.
"The flexicon doesn't have a tight definition for each word, as terms are often substituted for legitimate English words in a seemingly random manner, which explains why English is so irregular and considered a hard language to learn."

"That's okay, the Fleffedition will enable the publishing of all words in the flexicon as a complete set of known facebook words and their meanings."
#flexicon #facebook #lexicon #facebook lexicon #memes #fleffedition
by Nafftastic March 24, 2015
Of or pertaining to gym vocabulary
Over the years Pete compiled a flexicon of words to describe even the ugliest of snatches.
#flexicon #lexicon #vocabulary #words #gym #swole #lift #muscle
by NewWordOrder629 August 11, 2014
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