Fleur is a beautiful, funny person. Sometimes she is a bit crazy and weird, but always makes you smile. She can be a bit shy, but she is always someone you can talk to and she always understands.
Wow, Fleur is so amazing.
by JellySmarties42 March 10, 2013
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From the french word for flower. a beautiful, sxy little thing. that may often be a bit crazy, but is aso lots of fun.
WOW she is one hell of a fleur.

shes on top form tonight, a right fleur.
by funtimesnow October 27, 2008
A sausage shaped woman that likes sniffing 7 year old boys undies. Especially ones that smell like flowers. Fleurs often get sick and need to be treated at a high cost vet. If left in the sun then she might burn to a crisp. Fleurs often own many cats and likes to use them as a washcloth.

Slang for "Slapping your testicles against your thighs"
"God damn it man! I have the worst Fleur right now!"
"That oddly shaped person over there sure looks like a Fleur"
by BrittanyCurtain December 08, 2011
Stretched, slutty milf.
'Man. look at your mum she's a total fleur'
by Steve Pooface May 18, 2006

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