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Verb. Its an F word (or an alternative word) for bless.
It is used when you feel Godly and want to bless (fless) someone.

The word was first used in Hyderabad, Pakistan by some students who realized themselves as Gods and formed a religion called Freedom.

In this religion everybody can be a God with a specific quality.
e.g. you can be a "God of Youtube" flessing young people aspiring to be a youtube star ;)
or you can be a "God of Gym" (if you're muscular) and fless the poor people to be muscular and fit!

It can also mean 'detail of guidelines'.
Poor malnourished guy, I fless you to eat. Now go get some fat! - God of Mcdonalds said to a vegetarian

Dumbo: "I keep failing please God I need your blessings"
God of GPA: "You have my flessings, now go and study"
by Eastern Gods November 13, 2010
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